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In 2008, the founders of A+ Childproofing, Sebastien Amy, became dad for the first time. Although he was aware his old house will require some gates and other childproofing products he quickly became disappointed. After numerous shopping trips and frustration with the products quality he finally manage to safely install three baby gates, but they were still a lot to do and the task seems daunting. Realizing he was not alone, the seeds was planted and in 2009 he founded A+ Childproofing.

With the help of IAFCS (International Association For Child Safety) Sebastien learn to identify serious dangers, select the appropriate quality products and safely install them without the struggle he experience first hand. The Service quickly became ideal for parents who lack time, skill or knowledge to do this themselves. Serving northern New Jersey and New York City, A+ Childproofing is dedicated to provide new parents with safe, practical solution and advice for there little one.

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