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A+ Childproofing services are available in Manhattan and

New Jersey area. We custom install the best quality products

including safety gates, cabinet and drawer latches, window

guards, Tip-over restraint plus many other safety devices.


There are two main options available to fit your child safety 




Step 1 and 2 in two visits: 

Home safety Assessment and Childproofing Installation 

Our A Plus Childproofing representative will visit your home

to prepare a room-by-room safety assessment. It will take

about 60 minutes during which you’ll receive valuable

information such as practical tips and suggestions to help

you create a safe environment for your child. We’ll also

establish a list of unsafe areas and provide recommendations

for products to secure them. We’ll then send you an estimate

and set up a date for installation within the following two weeks.

The assessment is $150*, with no obligation for installation services.


Step 1 & 2 on the same day: 
Home safety Assessment and Childproofing Installation


 Know you'll need the job done anyway? you have limited time to meet? Your toddler is getting into everything already? Lets get it done all at once and save time! we carry a full inventory and most job can be done in two to four hours. You will still get a detail estimate, and decide what you want us to install based on your need and budget.


*Additional travel fees may apply in certain areas. distant location may be schedule on same day installation only. Please contact us to find what to schedule in your area.

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