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David Prince, NY

I'm reminded to contact you to tell you how much we valued your services. It was more than 3 years ago that you came and installed anchors, latches, gates and other related baby-proofing safeguards. Our boys are a demolition crew, but everything you put in place for us is still working as intended. I find it amazing - the kitchen gate has served as a a carousel for our boys for years, where they swing on it. They now weigh 40 lbs and we always tell them to lay off of it but it still works without squeaks as it did on day 1. We recommend you whenever we can, and I just sent my sister, who has wee ones, a note and praise for your work so I thought I'd send a note to you as well. 


All the best to you and your family!

Dave and Allison


Jose R, Tribeca NY

Sebastian was nothing short of brilliant! When you first contact him and don't give him a lot of information before setting up the appointment, your first thought is, "How does he know what to bring? He hasn't even stepped into my place? (although an initial assessment is an option)". But he just gets it! Some things are no-brainers; child proof drawers, sockets, and gate off certain sections while doing other things you haven't thought of; securing the free-standing flat screen tv to securing cabinets to your wall. Before doing all this, he'll do a proper walkthrough and feel out your comfort level. Sebastian is also practical. He's not one of these folks who comes in to scare the hell out of you! I imagined he would walk through our place and start ranting, "You will KILL your child if you don't do this, and do that"--even for the sake of gaining extra dollars in his pocket. When I asked him about the bathrooms which I was concerned about (toilet for example), although he still secured the cabinets, he simply said, "No need to secure the toilet. Just make sure the doors are closed at all times." When I showed him our kitchen that has a step up, he simply asked, "Can your son crawl up and drag himself down carefully?...Good, then no gate. Why waste money and an extra step?" Think all this comes from not just his own professional experience, but his experience as a father of two which he was forthcoming about. Best part is he does everything himself with such ease and perfection; drills, measures, and installs. The amount he did in 2 hours, would've taken me all day, not to mention I would've easily botched a few things up. I'm not the perfectionist he is. He was worth every New York penny!


Andre P, South Orange NJ

Forget spending dreadful amounts of time slowly and painfully childproofing yourself.  You're bound to make mistakes and numerous trips to the hardware store.  Wouldn't it be nicer to drink a nice glass of wine with your spouse after your precious baby went to sleep?  Much better than trying to awkwardly install latches on your kitchen cabinets.

Sebastien is fantastic!  First visit he shows you the childproofing hardware and what works in your house.  Second visit he comes and does everything, including cleaning up after himself.  A very professional job and, just as importantly, with attention to details.
Highly recommended.  Not only saves you time, but you have a professional job done.


Elaina, Jersey City NJ


Sebastien baby proofed everything in our condo and did an excellent job. It was SO worth the money we paid. I don't have to worry about Henry getting into cabinets, pulling down a bookshelf, or falling down the stairs. I can't say enough good things about Sebastien. If you came to my house, you would not know it was baby proofed. All the gadgets are hidden, except for the gates. I have a long iron banister that opens to the staircase below. He custom cut two pieces of plexiglass and it looks great.



Maya C, Jersey City NJ


"We just used Sebastien / A+ Childproofing and were extremely satisfied! Sebastien came over for an initial consultation where we did a thorough walkthrough of our home...he offered up plenty of suggestions many related to the service he could provide, but many were just helpful tips for new parents like myself. I definitely felt like he was honest about what we would need and what we didn't need.
A few days later he sent an itemized estimate and while the figure was more than i would have liked (in my mind)...i had to be realistic in my expectations. My husband wasn't going to install everything required in a timely manner AND Sebastien was 1)charging comparable prices for the actual gates, etc; 2) was taking care of the ordering and picking up of supplies; and was going to install over a defined/set period of time. SO- easy decision for me. Afterwards - i have to say that Sebastien's work exceeded my expectations. I had envisioned several ugly gate setups - but no not in my house! Sebastien brilliantly devised and installed great gated areas - blocking off my flatscreen tv/equipment and stairs, the kitchen, and appropriate doorways. you'd have to see it but really looks phenomenal and doesn't stand out with our home/decor. I was worried about our iron railings with gates, but everything looks clean and sturdy. He also installed door and cabinet locks, electrical outlet covers and furniture straps. Best of all - he's the first contractor i've had that really cleaned up behind himself - so didn't even seem like we'd had work done! 
I had also read in an earlier message that he helped out with a couple of other issues in that person's home - and he did the same for me! i had broken a lightbulb off in a ceiling light which he removed and he showed me how to open another kitchen light fixture that i had had issues with - all free of charge! 
I could go on and on about how great Sebastien was - personable, reliable, thorough and honest, but the best recommendation is that my home is really babyproofed. We did all this work just in time - my sturdy 1 year old is steadily on the move - has tried many times to bring the gates down - with no success. It's great to have the comfort level that he can crawl and toddle around safely (because i just knew in my mind that our home was a deathtrap). 
Anyway- if anyone has any questions i would be more than willing to give Sebastien a glowing recommendation or referral. "










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