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It is the nature of young children to explore the world

around them, but their curiosity can lead to serious injury.

Each year there are about two million children under the age

of five who are treated in  emergency rooms for injuries that

occurred in the home.



New research by the national, nonprofit Home Safety Council 

reveals that the vast majority of parents (83 percent) admit that

they have left their toddler unsupervised in the home—for a few

moments, or even longer. And as many as 90% of unintentional

injuries to children in the home can be prevented by childproofing

correctly (Source: Safe Kids Worldwide ). Inspecting your home, room

by room, identifying hazards plus purchasing and installingthe suited

products yourself. Parents spend in excess of $1 billion annually on

safety products, but if they are installed incorrectly plus are of poor

quality, the risks remain despite their best intentions. If your time is

limited plus you lack the tools or expertise, our service may be

the perfect solution for you.






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