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Why use a professional Childproofer?



  1. Our Childproofers are trained following the International Association for Child Safety  IAFCS training guidlines.

  2. We are fully insured

  3. We are educators who take the time to show you how to create a safe environment for your child.

  4. A professionnal childproofer can help you identify area of your home that you may have overlooked.

  5. Our products knowledge will offer you the best solutions for even the most challenging installations.

  6. We use the best products and install them properly so it’s safe and will last over time.

  7. You Save time and money. we’ll bring all the product to your door plus avoid you the trial-and-error purchase and installion.

  8. It takes on average a parent 50 to 75 hours to childproof a home! We complete your childproofing quickly and efficiently, leaving you more time to spend with your family.

  9. We have access to hundreds of specialized safety products that you will not find in your local hardware or home supply store.

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